{June 30, 2009}   Dance for Radio

Prometheus Radio Benefit take 2! We’re hosting the dance party follow-up to last week’s concert. DJs play music, you dance, they build low power fm radio stations. Hurray! Prometheus is your local low power radio non-profit that helps communities build their own fm stations. Donations go towards sending the group to the Allied Media Conference. Come support them Sat. July 11th, 10pm-2pm, $5-10 donation.

Prometheus Benefit


{June 30, 2009}   Scout and Little Tongue

From the staging of Collecting Dust: For the weekend, Emily Rabkin turned our first floor into the cupboard of a dust archivist and stage of verse. Tristan did live music for it, and there were shadow puppets (by Lee Davis, Cecily Anderson, and Nina Macintosh). I couldn’t get a good picture of the projection, but they were really beautiful. (If anyone has better photos, do send them). Below is Emily, pictures of the set (jars! dust! keys hanging on a wire!), and Scout (Alexis Scott) and Littletongue (Monica Gomery) wrapping each other in string.





{June 13, 2009}   ManMoth (it happened)

Proof! Here’s from the second edition of the ManMoth reading series (that was May 28th). Compliments of one Jeremy Tennenbaum. See the whole set here.






{June 7, 2009}   Collecting Dust

A piece of theatre in the old cabinet-maker’s workshop! We are very excited to host Collecting Dust: A Play in Verse By Emily Rabkin. The play tells the story of Scout, an archivist of dust, who falls in love with a carpenter, the dustiest of tradespeople. Through shadow puppets and contemporary verse, an unexpected queer love story emerges from a dust cloud. June 25 & 26th at 8pm,  June 27th at 7 and 10pm. $5-10 suggested donation.

{June 7, 2009}   Art on the Road

On June 20th we’re hosting an Art on the Road benefit. Bands downstairs, art and artists upstairs.  Featuring The Wayfairs, Conversations with Enemies, and Sailboat! Art by Tory Franklin, Eric Remer, Jesse Rinyu, & more! Doors 6pm, $5 cover.


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