{February 15, 2010}   What fun!

(from the Philadelphia Weekly, photo by Walbert Young)

One more time: what fun! Thank you to everyone who came out & to all the lovelies that helped make this event so lovely. What fun!

Thanks to Walbert Young from PW for taking such lovely photographs.

Stay tuned for Spring at Cha-cha’razzi : concerts, affairs, Channel Cha-cha TV, manmoth reading series, and a brand new musical by The Great Swamp.  Ahoy siempre!


{February 12, 2010}   69 Love Songs Songs Love 69

Pots of warm borscht, cold cushions, misgivings & more : This  Saturday February 13th at Cha-cha’razzi (pronounced like paparazzi).

Starting from song 1 of volume 1 at 8pm sharp and careening all the way to Zebra.


The Brill Building Flingers and Friends.

Come & listen, dance, or jump up and claim a song.  Laser pointer karaoke makes good.

Wear a wig & get in guilt free.  Come as you are and feel obliged to make

a donation.  1918 South Bancroft Street.

Feeling Great

There is nothing we can do

et cetera