Cha-Cha’razzi is an art space in south Philly. An old cabinet-maker’s workshop containing artists  of the visual, printed, audible, and written. We occasionally draw the curtains to host musical and artistic events, as well as a monthly reading series. You’ll find us at 1918 S. Bancroft St, Philadelphia.


nike says:

hey, send me emails?
what’s yours?
see you later cha cha R.

Christy Santoro says:

we live in the neighborhood and found your blog while looking for office space in s. philly.

your space wouldn’t work for us but can you add our email to your mailing list? would love ot come check it out sometime


Kevin Haley says:


How can I get in contact with someone from Cha-Cha’razzi about possibly doing an event at the end of December?

Thanks a lot

jim says:


I’d heard of your existence for the better part of the last year but had no idea where you were or what you were doing. Now I know!

I represent the civic association – Newbold Neighbors. Maybe you’ve heard of us, maybe not but I’ll definitely drop by tomorrow evening and introduce myself.

We have a 300 person mailing list of people in the neighborhood and we send out weekly bulletins on neighborhood news and happenings. Let me know if you want anything posted in the bulletin or on our website.

See you soon –

– – – jim resta

Beth Beverly says:

I’m searching for a studio outside of but near my home. Do you have any vacancies?
Thanks, BB

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